Since 2001 consumers and facilities managers looking for low maintenance landscapes have enjoyed the benefits of our recycled colored rubber mulch products shipped direct from the manufacturer offering great prices and service. We have expanded and now offer wood fiber playground mulch, rubber borders and mats, no-splinter playsets as well as recycled rubber gifts.

What is rubber mulch?

Rubber mulch is mulch made from recycled tires or other types of rubber. Generally sold in a variety of colors; also available uncolored in it's natural color. Favored by low maintenance gardeners looking for exceptional weed control and long color life, rubber mulch can save time and money over conventional mulches as it lasts for well over a decade. Playground rubber mulch offers an extremely resilient safety surface that holds up well in high traffic playgrounds due to the durable colors, the fact that it will not float, and the shock attenuation properties of rubber.

The “Nearly World Famous” Everlast Mulch was designed and is manufactured by landscape professionals for landscape and playground use from recycled tires. Rubber Mulch products are an excellent choice for all landscape gardeners and designers seeking a low maintenance alternative to organic mulches, decorative stones, wood mulches, rock, and ground covers. Our vibrant baked on colors allow you to be creative with your landscape and playground designs.  Rubber mulch products are guaranteed not to bleed, giving your playground and landscaping years of service. Synthetic mulch available by the pallet, bag, sack, or in bulk. Whether you select our recycled playground rubber mulch or rubber landscape mulch you will save time and money with our discounted groundcover products. Be sure to check out our landscape rubber mulch and playground rubber borders and mats all sold through our nationwide network of dealers or shipped direct from us to your home or business. Everlast Rubber Mulch has been serving home owners, day care facilities, commercial projects and playgrounds, and others since 2001. 

Rubber Mulch Photo Gallery

Rubber Landscape Mulch

Rubber Mulch is the original landscape rubber mulch designed specifically for landscape use. Mulch pieces are 5/8" and smaller, and offer excellent natural looking texture. Everlast mulch is 98% steel free and is excellent for all types of general landscape use.

Playground Rubber Mulch

Kids playground rubber mulch is a non-staining and self-cleaning playground rubber mulch. Kids love to play with the rubber material! Soft, non-abrasive and fun to run and jump on, colorfast playground rubber mulch products built to last. 

Borders & Mats

Rubber Borders provide the clean refined look of stamped concrete with a fraction of the work and expense. Durable and safe playground rubber borders, swing pads, and rubber accessories and gifts perfect for creating a fun and safe playground.

Home & Garden

Now you can show off your recycling efforts with style and ease. These products have an industrial hip edge that are perfect for your home,office, or proudly displayed over your shoulder. Each piece is hand made in the U.S. providing you with a "signature" piece of American Pride.

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