Best Mulch Types and Color

Best Mulch Types and Color for Your Lawn and Garden

There are different kinds of mulch types and colors available that can be used for landscaping your garden. Every mulch has different characteristic and changes the pH value of the soil, so you need to decide on the kind of mulch you want to use based on the requirement of your plants. There are many varieties of synthetic and organic mulch available that can be dyed according to your choice.

But what color mulch to use is an important question that you need to think about when creating your garden landscape. When choosing a mulch color, think about the exterior of your house too, and decide whether it complements the building or not. Instead of choosing bright colors for mulch, try to create coherence with the brick, stone or exterior wall color of the house. For example, if you have darker exterior walls, you can choose dark brown mulch to complement the tone.

Cedar and Cypress mulch bring great aesthetics to the garden, but they are insect repellants and can sometimes drive away good bugs that help in improving the organic matter of the soil. The cedar mulch has a natural reddish color and can be dyed in bright red, black and brown colors. The Cypress mulch has more of an attractive blonde color. It is slightly more expensive because of the Cypress wood.

Sawdust mulch is one of the cheaper options, and adds a manicured look to the landscape. The sawdust mulch helps in controlling growth of weeds and prevents moisture loss in plants. It raises the acidity of the soil and is good for plants like evergreen trees and blueberry bushes. It does, however, need nitrogen to decay, and additional nitrogen should be added to the soil, otherwise the sawdust mulch will draw nitrogen from plants affecting their growth.

Straw mulch is another cheap option and is great for growing vegetables in the garden. The mulch can be tilled in the soil, and replaced after it decomposes. It does not add a lot of aesthetics to the garden, but if placed cleverly, can add a bit of flair. Bark mulch is a more attractive choice for landscaping, and it has more nutritional value adding Vitamin C to the soil which makes it ideal for growing vegetables and fruits. The Bark mulch comes in all shapes and sizes, and has a natural color which makes it so good for garden landscaping. Bigger chips of Bark Mulch are better because they disintegrate slowly, and last longer.

Cedar Red Rubber mulch is a popular option and is used in garden landscapes and playgrounds frequently. The Red Rubber mulch is more durable and lasts for several years. It is made from recyclable old car tires. The color makes it look very attractive and the texture is so firm that it is used as a safety cover for children’s play area. The Cedar Red Rubber mulch also looks amazing in walkways and driveways where you need a mulch that does not have to be replaced frequently.

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