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Five Creative Garden Party Ideas

Summer is almost here, so let the outdoor parties begin! A garden in full bloom or an immaculately trimmed lawn could already serve as pretty backdrops, but if you’re the creative type, you may want to up your outdoor decoration game a bit. Here are some great garden party decorating suggestions you could try for your next al fresco gathering.

Tell a little gardening story with your menu

Are you serving salad with ingredients from your own herb or vegetable garden? Tell the story of how they were lovingly planted and harvested with your guests in mind. You can make a short description of the salad in the menu by adding that they were grown in your own backyard. You can also serve up food buffet-style and label each dish with a framed text of how they were picked and prepared.

Creative Garden Party Ideas

Intersperse potted succulents with cupcakes

Cupcakes and cacti: never the twain shall meet? On tiered cupcake holders, they can. Give your dessert table a fresh twist by arranging your favorite succulents in-between cupcakes or other sweet treats you are serving. If cactus isn’t your thing, you can place fresh flowers, instead.

Intersperse potted succulents with cupcakes

“Float” flowers and candles in water as a centerpiece

For romantic candle-lit dinners, look no further than your own flower beds for inspiration. Put some water in a long shallow dish – just enough to make votive candles and cut flowers float. You can also use bowls or other clear containers. The harmony of velvety petals, soft lighting, and reflections on the water will create a calming effect on guests.

“Float” flowers and candles in water as a centerpiece

Put up little canopies all over your garden

What is summer without a little picnic? Even a small shade is welcome if the sun is shining too brightly. Don’t worry if your garden or lawn doesn’t have trees: a piece of canvas stretched out with rope over your picnic spot should do the trick. You can also use beach umbrellas to provide shade for your guests.

Serve up fruit kebabs in a rainbow pattern

Fruits are sweetest and at their most succulent in the summer. Shine a spotlight on their juiciness and bright colors by serving them up in skewers at your party. You can follow a rainbow pattern by using strawberries or cherries first, followed by orange slices, then pineapple chunks, kiwi, blueberries, and grapes.

Fruits are sweetest and at their most succulent in the summer.

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