Rubber Mulch


Q- Is  Rubber Mulch safe for my family and pets?
A- Absolutely. Rubber Mulch is 100% non-toxic, non-leaching, and environmentally friendly.

Q- Is  Rubber Mulch treated with a bio-cide?
A- Yes. Since day one we have been treating our mulches with a microbial inhibitor. Most of the time mold is introduced to exterior products via airborne particulates and does not actually grown on the surface of the product rather on the contaminant.

Q- Where does the rubber come from?
A- Rubber Mulch is made of 100% recycled tires. Every cubic yard of Everlast Rubber Mulch eliminates approximately 33 tires.

Q- Is there an odor?
A- No. Usually within 48 hours of installation any trace smell is gone.

Q- Are there any plants I should not use Rubber Mulch around?
A- All plant types will thrive under  Rubber Mulch. Water retention is excellent, yet the product does not retain water in itself, unlike organic mulches rubber does not promote fungus growth.

Q- Will Rubber Mulch wash out?
A- No. Even in areas prone to wash out due to a tile roof,  Rubber Mulch will not wash out and run down your sidewalk or driveway.

Q- Do I need to install a weed barrier first?
A- Absolutely not! Weed barrier will trap soil on top and retain moisture creating the perfect bedding for weed seed. Placing a weed barrier underneath  Rubber Mulch will diminish the weed control properties of the material.

Q- So does the rubber kill the weeds?
A- No. The rubber will not prevent weed seed that is already in the soil from germinating. You can apply a pre-emergent before installation to kill the seed and/or apply a “RoundUp” type product a few weeks after insallation. Once the weed seed is out of the soil. Rubber Mulch will trap the airborne weed seed and it will dehydrate before it germinates! You will see an honest 90% reduction in weed growth.

Q- Will weed killer discolor  Rubber Mulch?
A- No. Weed killer will not affect Everlast Rubber Mulch in any way. Do be careful with dry granulated fertilizer. Be sure to water it in as the oxidizers in it will chemically burn the colorants.

Q- How long will  Rubber Mulch hold its color?
A- We have been manufacturing for over 10 years and have had only one warranty claim/complaint ever. In most environments Everlast Kids and Everlast Mulch will retain their color for over 10 years.

Q- How do I remove leaves and debris from my landscape?
A- Simply use a hand held or backpack blower from a few feet away. Most dry material will blow out easily. Pine needles are difficult and a natural colored  Rubber Mulch will be your best bet.

Q- Should I use  Rubber Mulch for my playground?
A- NO. Our  Kids rubber mulch is engineered for this application. Please call for information.

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