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Landscaping Ideas with Stone Mulch

Landscape work takes a lot of effort and involves a lot of cost. Often, people are confused whether to use stone mulch in landscaping or use organic material. There are pros and cons to both approaches, and the decision will depend on the kinds of plants you have in the garden and the climate in which they are growing.

Organic mulch is cheaper than stone mulching but it does not last very long, and has to be replaced over a certain period of time. Mulch like compost can be created at home, and can help in better growth of plants by reducing water evaporation, preventing weed growth and adding nutrients to the garden soil. But it is harder to maintain and does not provide the same variety that stone mulch offers in landscaping.

Decorative gravel comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. Landscaping stone has become very popular as it can be used as mulch in garden beds, and cover driveways and pathways in a prettier fashion. Stone looks better than bark or mulch in gardens, and builds a better landscape. The range of decorative pebbles and stones is widely available in the market which gives landscape artists and home owners are large variety to choose from.

Locally sourced stones are cheaper than imported ones, and can be easily used in landscaping work. If you order large bags of stone mulch landscaping, you get discounted rates. The stones can be customized in different colors and sizes to suit the landscape of your garden. You can alternate between different layers of colors and shapes to make an impressive pathway. Mulch and stone are different materials, and mulch cannot be used in the same manner for landscaping work due to its organic nature. It changes color and rots with time which does not make it suitable for landscaping.

Stone mulch is very low maintenance and lasts for a very long time which makes it more cost-effective for landscaping in the long run. Stone is also great for dry season because it traps heat inside the ground keeping the soil temperature warm. But stone is not suitable for trees and shrubs which require acidic soil to grow because stone adds alkalinity to soil over time. The most appropriate option would be to use a combination of mulch and stone, and mark areas in the garden which would benefit more from organic mulch and others which could be maintained well using stone mulch. Then make a plan for your landscaping work, and create a design for your garden.

Use stone mulch landscaping for plants that require alkaline soil and less moisture to grow in, and use organic mulch or compost for young trees or plants that require acidic soil and a lot of moisture. You can use stone mulch in the walking pathways and driveways too where you do not want wild grass or weed to grow. Once you have decided where you want to use stone mulch, you will be in a better position to estimate the amount of stone that you need and the cost of purchasing it.

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