Rubber Mulch

Leaf Removal in Rubber Mulch

A common landscape issue is the buildup of leaves in landscape beds.  Although the issue is primarily aesthetic, often leaf material is a problem around pools and sidewalks.

So what are the realities with rubber mulch and leaf removal?

Smaller nugget brands of rubber mulch and shredded rubber mulch are the hardest to work with if you are using a leaf blower.  The particle sizes are simply too small to stand up to a 200 mph leaf blower.  Many years ago we introduced a one inch mulch product in part due to the fact that in Florida we have a lot of pin oaks, live oaks, laurel oaks, and elm trees that shed a lot of material.

With smaller leaf species you will have to work at it but you will be able to remove 80% of the leaf material with a blower worked from multiple angles; it will take some time though.

Larger leaves are pretty quick and easy if they are dry and should lift out in seconds.

Pine needles are like velcro and due to their thin shape they do not have much of a surface for the air to lift them.

In situations where leaf material may be an issue it is best to use a rubber mulch color that is natural such as our Southern Cypress or use a base color and sprinkle a bit of our southern cypress rubber mulch over the top to help hide leaf material that gets trapped.

No mulch is perfect for every situation but selecting the right product is the first step to having a low maintenance yard.  We try to represent our products for real world situations.  If you have any questions use the handy chat at the lower right of your screen.

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