Black Rubber Mulch

Measuring for Rubber Mulch in 3 Easy Steps

You can measure square footage of a landscape bed or playground with scalloped or curved borders by creating geometrical shapes.

Step 1: Break up the area into separate zones.

You will never be able to calculate square feet precisely with scalloped or curved edges; however you can get very close. Always round up to insure you can cover an uneven grade. Remember that mature plant material can be accounted for using a percentage.

Example: I have 1000 square feet of landscaping but my plants cover 10%. Therefore, I only need 900 square feet of mulch.

Break up the area into separate zones

Step 2: Mentally adjust the borders.

Curved beds can be divided into zones; whether they be circular or rectangular.

Here we are going to “cut off” an outlying area and use it to fill in an open area helping us to create geometric shapes.

Mentally adjust the borders.

Step 3: Move the cut off piece to fill an empty space.

Simply take the cut away area and overlay it onto an open area. The goal is to get close and to round up.

Step 3: Move the cut off piece to fill an empty space.

How to Start and Finish Your Rubber Mulch Project.

Once you know your square footage you can use this handy calculator to find out how much rubber mulch your project needs.

Tips for installation can be found here for landscape applications or here for playground installations.

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