Playground Designs rubber mulch

Rubber Playground Designs

Children need a play where they can enjoy and have fun. There is nothing like an outdoor playground where all the kids and family can have a good time. Playground designs should be attractive so children can spend long hours without getting bored. The playground design should involve different levels of activity as well as an aesthetic sense that appeals to kids.

There are different kinds of playground designs available in the market but the plastic playgrounds are the easiest to set up. Plastic playgrounds can be quickly assembled and taken apart if they need to be relocated to a different place. The plastic playgrounds are safe and durable, and comes with a lot of accessories that children can enjoy.

The rubber playground surface is made of soft material so it cushions the feet and protects children in case they fall down. The rubber surface is slip resistant and dries very quickly after a shower of rain. The rubber playground surfaces come in a variety of colors which are very attractive and appealing for children. They are also available in different shapes and sizes, so they can be creatively arranged in the playground design.

Playground Designs with rubber mulch

When designing a children’s playground, consider adding variety that gets children involved in different physical activities. Do not just put up a simple swing or a slide, make the playground more customized so all children can find something that interests them. Make the playground design mentally stimulating as well, so children can get mental exercise in addition to physical exercise.

Put in objects that require arranging different shapes or colors. Give them different kinds of play that require jumping, running, climbing and swinging. Sensory play is also important for young kids. Introduce different textures in your playground designs which children can touch and feel. Add some musical instruments or objects that change shape or color.

Turn the playground design into a social club where children can play in groups. Give them more options for joint play rather than isolated single activities. Also, creates zones for children of different energy levels. Some children get tired more quickly than others, so the playground should have something for children of all abilities. Give them some time to rest too and put some nice benches and shady areas. Do not forget to add essentials in your playground design like drinking water, seating for adults and garbage disposal bin. Safety rules should also be put up in the playground, and if some areas are age restricted, those should be clearly marked as well.

Playground designs with rubber mulch

Think about the garden landscaping and how you plan to incorporate it in the playground design. You can add a variety of plants and trees around the pathways, in the parents’ sitting area and near the play area. To make things more interesting, you can use mulch in different colors around the plants. The mulch will not only provide nutrients to the plants, it will also add more liveliness to the garden landscape, and give the playground a more natural look.

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  1. Can wood mulch be installed over rubber mulch? The rubber mulch has been around for awhile and has leveled the play ground area, but we wanted to refill the area with wood mulch. Can it go right on top?

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