Should I Mulch Around Trees?

Should I Be Using Mulch Around Trees? Benefits Of Mulching Trees

Using mulch around trees especially young ones is very helpful in their growth. Mulch helps in keeping down the growth of weeds which rots plants, and slows down the evaporation rate of water during hot summer days. Mulching also helps in keeping the roots of trees cooler, and prevents soil erosion like when you are planting on a hillside. Mulch also minimizes the impact of lawn mower damage, and keeps the trees healthy and well-nourished.

Before mulching, remove any grass or weeds surrounding the tree. Then, add the mulch around the base of the tree, making it 2 or 4 inches deep. You should take care that the mulch does not touch the trunk of the tree, otherwise fungus will grow and rot the plant. The best time to mulch is around spring or mid-summer when plants lose water very quickly. You can also top up mulch after a good rainfall so that it acts as a blanket to retain the moisture inside the soil.

Using mulch around trees especially young ones is very helpful

There are many different kinds of mulch but the best mulch for trees are chunky and keep the rate of water evaporation low. Compost makes the best mulch for trees as it has a good control on water evaporation. Compost can be expensive if you buy it from the store, but you can easily make it at home from grass clippings, cardboards, papers, tea bags and vegetable scraps.

Bark and woodchips make great mulch around trees too. When you use them, age them first. They break down slowly and last very long. They are the best mulch for trees and shrubs which do not require immediate soil improvement. Woodchips can also be used for landscaping, and they look great around trees while acting as mulch for the soil. There are many tree mulch ideas like this that you can use to enrich your soil and make your garden look great at the same time.

Bark and woodchips make great mulch around trees too.

Another great tree mulch idea is to use forest mulch. It is cheap and landscape suppliers sell it as chipped green waste from forest trees. Forest mulch around trees works just as well as barks and woodchips, and is very economical to use especially if you have a big area to cover. Pebbles and gravels can also be used as mulch around trees. They are long lasting and retain moisture in the soil. They are the best mulch for trees and plants that are frost-sensitive because they store heat during the day and release it during the night.

Leaf mulch works well for young plants too. It breaks down faster releasing nutrients that growing trees need. However, you can to replace the leaf mulch sooner than other kinds of mulch due to the faster decomposition rate. Also, when raking leaves for mulch, make sure that you break them down so they can crumble quickly and release nutrients for the trees. Do not use black mulch around trees during the summer because it raises the soil temperature causing the plant to decay.

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