Tips for rubber mulch and wood fiber playground installations

Tips for Rubber Mulch and Wood Fiber Playground Installations

      1. The depth of your rubber (or any other type) mulch is set by the fall height of your playset. Commercial installations should consult with your insurance company for directions.
      2.  It is recommended that you border your playground area. If you are using a fabric underlay be sure to put the borders on top of the fabric.
      3.  If you are installing over turf be sure to use a herbicide to kill the grass before installation. If you remove the turf be sure that the area under the playground is not going to hold water. Proper drainage is necessary for a safe and healthy play area.
      4.  A “weed fabric” or geo-textile fabric (for best results use a 10 oz. fabric) will keep your kids from digging into the ground and mixing the rubber mulch.
      5.  A three to four inch layer of Everlast Kids rubber mulch will provide adequate weed control without the use of fabric.
      6.  Expect some maintenance under the slides and swings where kids drag their feet. Who doesn’t love to drag their feet? For best results use a swing mat to reduce maintenance.

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