Borders & Mats


Whether you are building a new playset or sprucing up an existing playground, Rubber Resources is here to guide to you to a safe and cost effective way to protect your kids. Our complete line of playground borders, playground mats, loose fill Everlast Kids rubber mulch, or loose fill wood mulch can all complement each other to afford your child or grandchild a safe and enjoyable place to play.

Save money by ordering mulch and borders together. Simply send us a chat message below and one of our friendly staff will give you an immediate quote.

These 36″ tree

These 36″ tree rings are perfect for small trees that you want to protect from string trimmers. Easy to clean up, stays put, and fights the weeds giving your young plants a leg up. Provide the perfect sized ring for easy mowing. Compression molded with outdoor rated binders for long life and durability. Free shipping anywhere in the lower 48. If you need a large quantity ask about volume discounts.

Tie Guard Rubber Border Repair

Aging railroad ties used as playground borders can pose numerous threats to children. This quick and simple border repair will extend the life of your borders and save time and money over replacement.

  • Quick and Easy Repairs On Site
  • Extends the Life of Existing Borders
  • Covers Unsightly Rotten Playground Borders
  • Reduces the Chance of Splinters and Scrapes
  • Easy to Trim and Custom Fit
  • Pre-cut Locking Ends
  • Patent Pending

Plastic Playground Borders

Perfect for use with rubber playground mulch or engineered wood fiber/wood chip mulches. Keeps mulch in place with a clean and attractive look. Modular and lightweight for easy installation. Also available in 12” tall sections.

EverBendable Rubber Borders

Did you know you can save on playground mulch with bendable borders? By not using a rectangle or box shaped playarea and using rounded corners you can save up to 20% on mulch material!

Recycled rubber borders are ideal for playgrounds with rubber mulch or wood mulch. Adds an extra level of safety as there are no sharp edges. 100% recycled rubber borders won’t decay or invite insects. Ultra flexible to conform to any desired shape. The perfect complement to Everlast Kids rubber mulch.

EarthCurb Rubber Landscape Borders

Available in red or brown. The clean refined look of stamped concrete with a fraction of the work and expense. Easy to install and even easier to maintain with the unique mower edge design. These rubber landscape borders are made of recycled rubber available in red and brown offering the perfect way to “frame” your picture perfect. Available at amazon when added to your purchase of a pallet of mulch.

Rubber Play and Swing Mats

Recycled rubber pads not only offer some extra bounce but prevent dangerous divots from forming under slides and swings. Kids can drag their feet all they want without covering their shoes or pant legs with debris. Made of recycled rubber, our swing mats are available in red or green. They make the perfect gift for parents and kids alike. Works great over grass, bare earth, or loose fill mulches of any kind.

Heavy Duty Rubber Swing Mats only

Recycled rubber playground mats built for higher use playsets. Perfect for commercial, daycare, and community play areas. These swing mats are heavy enough (approximately 40 lbs) to discourage vandals. Designed for longer life in high traffic areas they can be painted to match existing playground structures. Works great over rubber playground mulch, wood chips, bare earth, or engineered wood fiber. Prevents rutting due to dragging feet under swings and at the end of slides, reducing maintenance time and expense.

Engineered Wood Playground Mulch

Geo Textile Mat and Fabric

3.5 ounce fabric features polyester fibers spunbound into a swirling web-like pattern. The result is superior fiber distrubution creating a durable barrier between your soil and playground rubber mulch, engineered wood fiber, or other loose fill playground mulch. The process accounts for the exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Fabric has exceptional ultraviolet stability and superior water permeability. An affordable added layer of protection typically used by commercial landscapers.

Second Option custom cut for larger areas. Cut to your needs, this high quality woven fabric is the perfect base for  Kids rubber playground mulch or any other loose fill material including gravel, sand, or wood mulch. Kids naturally like to dig and this fabric helps insure that the loose fill playground materials you choose stay above ground keeping your kids cleaner and reducing your maintenance time. Be sure to order enough to go under your rubber playground borders to insure the edges don’t migrate up. Fabric is 15’ wide cut to any length you require.