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ColorWise™ Details
Color Wise Rubber Mulch LogoEverlast Rubber Mulch is manufactured with an exclusive baked on finish giving you long lasting mulch color that will not grey or fade for years saving you time and money year after year. This durable coating will withstand extreme heat and cold and is safe to use with weed control chemical products. Over the course of 15 years product will eventually fade to black. Backed by a time proven exclusive manufacturing process manufactured under the same name since day one you are assured a quality product made right here in the U.S.
WaterWise™ Details
Color Wise LogoEverlast Landscape Rubber Mulch is completely water permeable. Wood mulches mat and degrade over time, shedding water away from your plants. Remember that the only thing you find at the bottom of a pile of wood mulch is a coupon to come back for more! All irrigation and rain flow straight through to your plants. Everlast Rubber Mulch is an insulator keeping soil temperatures cool helping to retain moisture where plants need it most.
WeedWise™ Details
Color Wise LogoRubber Mulch naturally provides a 95% reduction in weed growth. Weed seed needs water to germinate. Everlast is designed to capture weed seed and hold it in the mulch. Everlast is completely permeable so the mulch itself doesn’t hold water dehydrating weed seed. Everlast Rubber Mulch doesn’t degrade so bare spots which allow light to the soil are no longer present. Everlast Rubber Mulch is a natural weed block and we do not recommend “weed fabric” underneath as it is unnecessary and may contribute to future weed growth by holding moisture and wind blown debris at the surface.


You can measure square footage of a landscape bed or playground with scalloped or curved borders by creating geometrical shapes.

Step 1: Break up the area into separate zones.

You will never be able to calculate square feet precisely with scalloped or curved edges; however you can get very close. Always round up to insure you can cover an uneven grade. Remember that mature plant material can be accounted for using a percentage.

Example: I have 1000 square feet of landscaping but my plants cover 10%. Therefore, I only need 900 square feet of mulch.

blueprint of a house and landscape bed to illustrate measuring for rubber mulch


Step 2: Mentally adjust the borders.

Curved beds can be divided into zones; whether they be circular or rectangular.

Here we are going to "cut off" an outlying area and use it to fill in an open area helping us to create geometric shapes.

blueprint of a house and landscape bed with dimensions and shapes to help calculate rubber mulch

Step 3: Move the cut off piece to fill an empty space.

Simply take the cut away area and overlay it onto an open area. The goal is to get close and to round up.

blueprint of a house and landscape bed with formulas for estimating rubber mulch coverage

How to Start and Finish Your Rubber Mulch Project.

Once you know your square footage you can use this handy calculator to find out how much rubber mulch your project needs.

Tips for installation can be found here for landscape applications or here for playground installations.

As always if you have any questions from any page use our handy chat on the right.