Other Uses

Crumb Rubber and Rubber Mulch for High Traffic Turf Maintenance

High traffic areas such as golf cart paths, sports fields, and congregating areas in parks are prone to poor turf growth or worse. Often the use of a rubber mulch turf conditioner will increase turf strength and density. There can be two primary factors contributing to weak turf in high traffic areas.


Constant wear by foot traffic or equipment traffic can lead to extremely dense soil conditions which inhibit aeration of the roots, hydration, and eventually the uptake of nutrients. Aerating the soil may offer a short term solution but ultimately the soil should be amended to prevent over compaction of the soil.

Crumb rubber mulch generally 3/8″ to 1/4″ in size will help reduce compaction.

If maintaining existing turf, core aeration and the addition of large crumb rubber particles to the affected area will reduce soil compaction in the future. If you are amending the soil prior to turf installation, large crumb rubber should be mixed with top 6″ of soil mix; usually sand, peat, and rubber. Local soil conditions will determine the optimum ratios.

After aeration, apply a half pound of rubber nuggets per square foot. Once dispersed, rake to fill holes. Any larger crumb particles left on top of existing turf will eventually migrate down and provide long term benefit. Once installed, soil compaction is reduced, aeration to the root system is enhanced, water retention is increased, nutrient uptake is increased. After solving any soil compaciton issues, most high traffic turf areas will need a second step for wear prevention: stopping abrasion at the crown.


Heavy traffic on natural turf leads to excessive abrasion of the turf crown. Sand does a poor job as a topdressing due to hard angular ridges further abrading the crown. Top dressing turf with crumb rubber will reduce turf loss due to abrasion. In turn reduces the build up of thatch. Rubber is an insulator keeping soil conditions cooler and better aerated. Generally, applied at 1 to 1.2 lbs per square foot via rotary spreader followed by raking or screeting to a uniform depth. Great for artificial turf too!

Rubber Mulch has many other uses.

Call for more information regarding:

  • Driveways: Recommended Natural Black rubber mulch at 3″ depth and a border system is recommended. Great for parking areas, boat storage, keeping dust down.
  • Walking Paths: Rubber Mulch is often used for corporate walking tracks.
  • Rooftop Garden Mulch: Due to the permeability and insulative qualities, rubber mulch is an excellent material for roof top gardens. Lighter than ston and easier to install.
  • Civil Engineering Rubber Mulch: Perfect for drainage along foundations. Provides an R Factor as well.
  • Equestrian Uses (especially Dressage. Rubber Mulch cushions the riders as well as the horses.
  • Firing Range Aprons: Perfect as a low maintence material especially when shooters lie prone: keeps dust and mud down.
  • Firing Range Backstops: ballistic rubber insures your rounds stay within the range. Check out the Remington R1 it’s our personal favorite!
  • Trampoline Surrounds: Follow guidelines outlined in Everlast for Playground Applications
  • Septic Drainfield Fill