Pine Straw Mulch


Pine Straw for today and tomorrow. Save time and money on long lasting synthetic pine straw. Enjoy a fresh look in your landscaping year after year. Textraw is a state of the art mulch and pine straw alternative manufactured from recycled plastic with UV inhibitors for long lasting, reduced maintenance, performance.

Just think of the benefits of synthetic pine straw:

  • Reduced trips to the store
  • No semi-annual replacement
  • No more back breaking, down on your hands and kness spreading
  • Dramatically reduced fire threat over natural pine straw
  • Looks as good in the spring as fall
  • Each bale of Textraw equals two bales of natural straw
  • Fresh, Clean, and Safe
  • Insect and weed deterent
  • Consistent natural color and consistency
  • Easy to install and lasts a lifetime