Playground Rubber Mulch


Kids playground rubber mulch is a non-toxic, non-staining, and self-cleaning recycled ground cover that provides excellent fall protection. Specifically designed and best used on playgrounds and backyard playsets. Rubber mulch performs as advertised, far exceeding the performance characteristics of:

  • Pea Gravel
  • Bark Mulch and Wood Mulch
  • Dirt, Sand, or Gravel
  • Asphalt

Kids playground rubber mulch is larger than 9 out of 10 rubber mulches, reducing migration of the material during active play and reducing the amount of material tracked by sneakers. Product that is not mechanically dried has been known to bleed onto kid’s clothes resulting in disappointed parents and facilities managers. Kids love to play on the material! Soft, non-abrasive, and fun to run and jump in. Provides superior safety over other loose fill materials while reducing mulch installation time and expense.

Now kids can play on a hot summer day before supper and come to the table without a shower. They aren’t covered in mulch! A border system is recommended: 

Everbendable’s make a great long lasting rubber border with no sharp edges. If you are on a budget try using 4″ or larger PVC pipe for an easy, durable, and paintable border.

Installation depth depends on the fall height of the playset: check with local codes or insurance company for minimum rubber mulch depth requirements. 

The benefits of using Rubber Mulch

  • Many rich vibrant baked on colors
  • Non compacting
  • ADA compliant
  • Easy to install
  • 99.99% steel free