Video: Rubber Mulch Overview

Video of rubber mulch colors. Comparison of playground rubber mulch, wood mulch, and landscape rubber mulch.

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Everlast can deliver landscape rubber mulch, playground rubber mulch, rubber borders, and pine straw to your home or jobsite with our liftgate delivery service. All orders placed through our online store have this service built into the price and you don't have to be home to receive your products. Pallets of rubber mulch are wheeled out onto the deck with a pallet jack. The steel deck is then lowered to the ground and the rubber mulch, borders, mats, or other are pushed onto a hard surface such as your driveway, curbside, or sidwalk. Pallet jacks have small steel wheels and are only designed to move a one ton pallet a short distance; primarily off of the steel deck. Interstate trucks cannot carry forklifts due to length requirements. Please keep in mind that the driver can only do so much with a one ton pallet and delivery is curbside by default. Trucks are heavy and not all driveways are built to carry the weight.

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