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mocha brown rubber mulch and flowers

Everlast Rubber Mulch Mocha Brown

February 14, 2014

5/ 5 Stars

I mulched over 10 years ago and only need to touch up. This has been one of the best investments I have ever made! Everlast has performed better than advertised.


Paul A.
Tuff Play LLC
Longstreet Drive
Tallahassee, FL

Re: Everlast Rubber Mulch

Dear Friends:

We have been in the playground business for over five years. During that time we have installed nearly every
type of surfacing, from traditional wood mulch and poured in place rubber to sand and even Fibar. A lot of our
clients request rubber mulch. Throughout the years we have dealt with a number of companies and manufacturers
to meet the demands of our customers. Time and time again we found that both the rubber mulch and the
companies providing it just didn't meet our expectations and quality standards. Most of the companies that we
dealt with all had the same problems:

1. Inconsistent product quality from batch to batch.
2. Inconsistent coloring, in most cases the coloring would fade, or even worst rub off on clothing.
3. Inability to meet our volume.
4. Lack of personal care and customer service.

That all changed when we found Everlast Rubber Mulch. We first came across the Everlast Product in
2009. We were surprised by the quality and the packaging. We were even more surprised to find that the product
came from a small company with a family oriented approach to business. They were considerate and helpful, and
more importantly reliable. The Everlast Rubber Mulch product has exceeded all expectations, in past years we
have used hundreds of yards of their standard playground mulch and just recently tried their new ADA mulch
which is also a fantastic product. All rubber mulch is not equal. The Everlast product is superior to others because:

1. The product quality is very consistent, including the crumb size and purity..
2. The coloring is also spot on, the coloring lasts and that's important.
3. The company sells and manufacturers the product, the have far more knowledge then your typical
reseller, and in the event there is a problem it gets handled immediately.
4. The staff is friendly and reliable.
5. The pricing is unbeatable.

So when it comes time to pick your rubber mulch, we recommend that you chose the safest and highest
quality product available, made right here in the USA.


Paul A.
Tuff Play LLC
Playground Rubber Mulch Information

It is my pleasure to recommend Everlast as a company with integrity and quality a product. I received our shipment of Playground Mulch and all I can say is that “I absolutely LOVE it!”. I can certainly say this was the quickest turn around I have ever had with a company. I truly appreciated the representative professional manners and I really felt like they cared and enjoyed actually helping me make my decisions regarding our playground. This is not my first experience with a major purchase of mulch and indeed we will be return customers. I value this company so much, I have recommended our state resource department to use Everlast and to stay away from the company *********, who still owes me mulch and money to this day. In fact there is no comparison to Everlast. I have never seen mulch so rich in color and chunky as it is. I already know it will be around for along time. The ********* looks like pea gravel and it stands out in a bad way on the playground after it was put down. I wish I had found Everlast first. I wish you continued success with your company as you supply our children with the safest fall protection they have ever had.

Peace and Sparkles,


I just wanted to send a quick note about how happy I am with my Everlast Rubber Mulch. 8 years ago my neighbor thought I might be crazy to use your product. Not only do I have virtually no weeds, my wife's gardenias are more gorgeous than ever. My red mulch is still red and my neighbor's a bit embarrassed. He switched to Everlast a few years ago. Who is laughing now?

Thanks again,

Bob and Judy A. 2011

We are very pleased with how the beautiful pots and mulch look. We couldn't get rid of the wood mulch fast enough. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Vallerie & Dave

We tried the product sold through a depot and after two months it disappeared. Thankfully we found Everlast Rubber Mulch. Not only is it better looking but stays put. We are so happy! Just goes to show that what looks like a good price isn’t always a good product.