Arena Mulch


Rubber Mulch Improves the Feel and Safety of Riding Arenas.

Rubber mulch improves the feel and safety of riding arenas. Whether the goal is to protect the rider or reduce impact on your animals, rubber mulch is an effective component of many arenas. Most riders have a feel that they prefer and often can only achieve the proper footing when rubber is used as a component of their arena mix. The mix typically consists of screened mason’s sand, clay, and rubber. Generally top dressing four to six inches of the arena.

For general arena use the mixture can range from as little as ½” rubber and 3” sand to 2” rubber and 2” sand. A general starting point would be 1/3 rubber and 2/3 sand. Jumpers will enjoy more rubber while ropers, cutters, and barrel racers will general appreciate a firmer feel.

Most facilities utilize a black and white rubber granule. The “white” component consists of white nylon cord which will dramatically help retain moisture and reduce dust. All black or truck tire material is available.

Rubber Mulch Details

  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Reduces stress on the animals
  • Reduces rider and animal fatigue
  • Protects riders during falls
  • Maintains most impact attenuation during freezing temperatures
  • Wheelchair Accessible qualifying for ASTM 1951-09b standards
  • Fresh, Clean, and Safe
  • Bagged, Sacked, or Bulk
  • Easy to install and lasts a lifetime

Rubber Mulch Product Packaging Options

Packaging options vary by region. Bulk material ships up to 60 cubic yards on a truck. Super Sacks and 1.15 cubic foot bagged product are available in most regions