Rubber Mulch Mats For Your Home

Rubber Mulch Mats For Your Home And Garden

If you ever wondered, what is rubber mulch and how are rubber mulch mats used, well here is your answer. Rubber mulch mats are recycled products made from old tires after the metallic parts have been stripped off. They are commonly used in playgrounds to cover the ground. The soft and bouncy material provides protection for children in case they fall off from the swings or the slide. Their shock absorption rating is far greater than other mulching materials like wooden chips, gravel and sand. Rubber mulch mats are becoming popular in gardens too, and they are an excellent choice for landscaping and outdoor arenas.

The non-toxic rubber mulch mats are a great way to recycle old car tires, and reduce the waste in the landfills. The non-toxic rubber mulch is not only used to make rubber mulch mats, but it is also used in rubber tiles and rolls. Rubber mulch mats are available in attractive colors, and different shapes and sizes. They provide great playground flooring because they do not absorb water, and maintain their thickness. Wood chips have to be replaced frequently because they get blown away by wind and the thickness reduces which can be a safety hazard in playgrounds.

Rubber mulch mats, Playground

Rubber mulch mats are very easy to maintain, and can be sprayed with water or cleaned with a blower. The rubber mulch material is so soft that it does not cause bruises like wooden chips and splinters do in case you fall on them. Rubber mulch mats can last up to 10 years or more unlike wood mulch which has to be replaced annually due to degradation. Rubber mulch mats also protect the playground and the house from pests because they do not attract termites or ants.

The advantage of using rubber mulch mats is that they do not fade away. They are good for seasonal plants that require more heat during the winter as rubber mulch can trap heat inside the soil. Rubber mulch is easily portable, and can be moved anywhere like when you are shifting your house. Even thou it is slightly expensive than wooden mulch, it can be reused and is long lasting which makes up for the extra cost.

Rubber mulch mats for my house

Rubber mulch can be used in landscaping but it does not add any organic matter to the soil. Therefore, the choice of rubber mulch will depend on the location and purpose that you are using it for. Rubber mulch mats can be used in walking pathways or permanent locations where you do not want weed or grass to grow. The red rubber mulch and black rubber mulch are very popular for landscaping. Rubber mulch mats are available in other vibrant colors too like blue and green which are widely used in children’s playgrounds.

Rubber mulch mats are fire resistant but they are not completely fire proof. So it is best not to use them near BBQ grills or cooking areas. Rubber mulch is also not suitable for growing food because it has very low nutrient value. But rubber mulch mats are the perfect option for landscaping because they are tough and long lasting.

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