Rubber Mulch vs Wood Mulch

Rubber Mulch vs Wood Mulch

Rubber mulch is made from recycling old tries that cannot be used any longer. It is a good way to keep the rubber waste out of the landfills. The rubber mulch material is also very tough and lasts for a very long time. Rubber mulch does not need to be replaced for years because it does not decay like wood mulch. Rubber mulch is available in a variety of colors, and can be used in playgrounds and around the house.

Many people are often confused about the use of rubber mulch vs wood mulch in their gardens, but it all depends on the purpose you are using it for. Rubber mulch does not add a lot of nutrition value to the soil due to its low organic matter. Therefore, it is not suitable for growing young plants or garden vegetables. On the other hand, rubber mulch has high shock absorption rating which makes it ideal for playgrounds where children are playing, and there is always the danger of them falling down from a slide or a swing. The soft material of the rubber mulch cushions the body and does not leave scratches like wooden chips and bark.

There are many other benefits of rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is great for landscaping too because it comes in a variety of colors, and it does not fade away. Rubber mulch or black mulch is also good for plants that require warm temperature during cold season because the rubber material traps heat inside the soil. Rubber mulch also traps in more moisture which makes it good for such plants that require more water and warmer climate. Rubber mulch can also be used around the house just to keep pests away because it repels termites and other insects which are attracted to wood mulch.

Rubber mulch is very low maintenance and does not need to be replaced like wood mulch which blows away or decomposes with time. Rubber mulch is slightly more expensive than wood mulch, but it pays off in the long run because it lasts for about 10 years or more. In addition to playgrounds and pathways, rubber mulch can also be used in driveways where you do not want unwelcome weed to grow.

The wood mulch is not ideal for landscaping because it fades away quickly unless it is died in a color. The wood mulch colors are normally available in red, brown, gold, black and walnut. The wood mulch colors closely resemble natural colors to blend in with the outdoor environment. But even dyed wood mulch loses color very quickly, and turns into a dull shade than the original one that you wanted. Some wood mulch colors are available in multiple combinations too, but gardeners often find it unappealing to see wood mulch of different colors in the same area. The red wood mulch especially throws landscapists off, and many people have stopped using it. For garden landscaping, rubber mulch remains the favorable option and is trending in many homes.

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