The Benefits Of Using Rubber Playground Mats

The Benefits Of Using Rubber Playground Mats

After you have raked and swept the playground area, you might consider putting a soft rubber mat for flooring which is safer for children to play on. The rubber playground mats provide a little bounce, so if the child accidentally falls from the swing or the slide to the ground, he will not get hurt. There are many cheap playground floorings available in different colors and shapes. They are easy to maintain and add liveliness to the playground.
The rubber playground mats are very soft to walk on, so the children can play for hours, and they do not leave any stains on the shoes. When choosing a playground flooring, consider the tile size and cost to cover your playground. Larger tiles cover more area, so they might be a cheaper option for you. Rubber playground mats are available in different materials like PVC and foams. PVC tiles are slightly expensive but last longer as compared to cheaper foam mats.

Rubber playground mats are built for outdoor and indoor playgrounds. If you need rubber flooring for an outdoor playground, you should consider the material that is durable, can withstand extreme temperature, rain, hail and UV rays from the sun. Since outdoor rubber playground mats need to be more resistant to extreme weather, they are more expensive than indoor playground flooring.

If you are installing the playground in your lawn or garden, the rubber playground mats can act as mulch too. This means low-maintenance for parents who need to install a soft play area outside the house for their children. Wood chips is also one of the best mulch materials that can be used in playgrounds. The wood chips provide extra cushion which protects children from injuries in case they fall down. Generally, 8 inches of wood chip is sufficient to protect from an 8 feet fall. Wood chips require less initial cost, but need to be added from time to time in case the thickness of the layer is reduced due to raking.

Playground rubber mulch is also growing in popularity, and is one of the best mulch materials available for making outdoor play safer. The playground mats made from rubber mulch are cheap because they are made out of recycled material. It is the safest and best mulch material for outdoor playgrounds because of its shock absorbing capability. The rubber cushioning prevents the child from getting hurt in case of a fall, and the child does not get bruised due to the soft rubber material.

The rubber playground mats can be layered around slides or under the swings to give extra protection to children. The can also be used under spinners, around merry-go-rounds and teeter-totters or any other play area where children are likely to fall off. Rubber playground mats can be used under monkey bars too, so that if a child’s hand slips, he can take the fall without getting himself hurt seriously. Rubber playground flooring is great for outdoor play area, and keeps the maintenance cost low for parents.

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