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Now you can show off your recycling efforts with style and ease. These products have an industrial hip edge that are perfect for your home,office, or proudly displayed over your shoulder. Each piece is hand made in the U.S. providing you with a “signature” piece of American Pride.

Recycled Rubber Totes, Gifts, and Duffle Bags

When you are finished landscaping with the “Nearly World Famous” Everlast Rubber Mulch, take these recycled and re-purposed totes and bags for a ride. They are perfect for your next bike outing, weekend getaway, or camping trip. Easy to clean and nearly indestructable, what more could you ask from a stylish accessory or green gift? An absolute must have diaper bag! Now you can load and go with a chic conversation piece that will draw looks, comments, and envy. Who doesn’t look great in black? Check out the color combinations that may match school colors or the logo on your favorite motorcycle.

Rubber Baskets,Pots,and Gifts

Great recycled pots and baskets have hundreds of uses from tabletop showpieces, patio herb gardens, to the workbench. This line of recycled rubber gifts is sure to gain traction around the home or office.

  • The perfect wine bucket
  • Stylish catch all for your kitchen island
  • Patio table centerpiece
  • Safe toy basket for the living room
  • Next to the grill for storing tools.
  • Treat holder at the office
  • So many uses and think no two are alike!