Poured in Place


Extend the life of your existing playground surface with these poured in place repair kits. With budgets tight and a new surface installation requiring days of work and your playground being shutdown, now you can buy some time with these simple do it yourself (DIY) repair kits.

These repair kits are perfect for playgrounds,safety surfaces, and running tracks. They are a convenient way to economically repair small damaged areas on poured in place playground surfaces or running tracks. The wear layer is available in five standard colors and four 50/50 color blends. Each repair kit is prepackaged with the right amount of binder and rubber mulch which is then mixed on site and applied.

Inside amazon you will find color options. Products are economically priced from $99 to $130. Remove trip zones by using to fill sidewalk gaps, holes on walkways, running tracks and poured in place surfacing.

These rubber mulch repair kits have even been used successfully in creating rubber transitions and access ramps.

Playground PIP Rubber Colors and Installation / See Next Section for Landscape Applications

  • Specially Formulated Binder for Cold Seams
  • Red, Blue, Green, Tan, and Black
  • Easy to install
  • Cut damaged edges clean with a razor knife
  • While you are at it incorporate a fun design like a star into the playsurface
  • After removing debris, brush included glue on subsurface and along edges
  • Mix remaining binder and included rubber mulch
  • Trowel rubber mulch mixture into place
  • Allow to cure overnight
  • Check out our loose fill rubber mulch or wood fiber mulch options to save money on your next project.

DIY Bonded Rubber Mulch for Tree Surrounds and Landscape Beds

Do it Yourself Pour in Place Bonded Rubber Mulch is conveniently pre-packaged for great results even for first timers. Easily create tree surrounds and landscape beds that can hold up to high foot traffic, high winds, and leaves or litter. Now you can easily blow debris off of normally high maintenance areas.

Simple 5 Step Process

  • Remove sod or mulch from bed and create a level surface
  • Line wheelbarrow with plastic liner and put on gloves
  • Empty mulch per included chart and add binder per chart
  • Mix Thoroughly
  • Pour rubber mulch mixture into area and hand screet until even or trowel for smoother surface
  • Allow to cure overnight